Your Health Is A Financial Investment

Fit girl at the gym looking very happyThere are a lot of financial investment ideas that consumers can look into to help them secure a better financial future. Some choose to learn about trading stocks and bond while others choose to put up a business of their own. There are some who tries to work as many hours as they could to earn more at the end of the month.

There is nothing wrong with working hard to ensure you have a great future but this certainly has some drawbacks. Spending a lot of time trading and investing comes with a margin of risk and at times error that can take away all your hard work. And working too hard can also get you sick and burn you out too quickly.

One other idea that can also be considered as a great financial investment is putting a premium on your health. It may sound like a slogan for gym to get you pumping iron and sweating it out on a rowing machine but there are some truth to it. Apart from what shares taht almost one-third of adults in the country are obese, investing in your health gives you more than just a smaller waistline.

Taking care of your body and your health is a great financial investment but it is easier said than done.  Before you look up the closest gym to your place and pay up for a membership fee, know that you have to be dedicated once you start living a healthy life. It is not like a book that you will pick up for a few weeks and put away once you are done.

Just as there are unhealthy money habits that you need to correct, choosing to live healthy on and off is unhealthy as well. There are some who would argue that it is better than not having any exercise at all but if you are going to pick up a healthy lifestyle, it is best to continue with it even if you only make small gains over time.

A healthy lifestyle is a good financial investment

If you are looking at a comfortable retirement or just a healthy budget, hitting the gym or picking up a physical activity might not seem to be a connected to each other. But there are obvious benefits once you start living healthy and seeing it as a sound financial investment will slowly come to realization. Here are some examples.

  • You will not have to set an appointment with your doctor often. You look at co-payment and deductible every doctor’s visit. But a healthy mind and body lessens your trip to the doctor’s office for a check-up because you do not feel too good. This becomes a good financial investment because you get the chance to save up on other resources as well not only with money. You save time and effort that you have to allot going to the doctor when you can put it in other activities. It can mean more time for the family or a few extra minutes looking at your business plans.
  • Less cost for medicines. This takes up a space in your household budget either for prescription or those over-the-counter medicines for ailments, aches and pains. As you start living a healthy life, you will notice your need to buy medicines will considerably go down. As you are able to save on this part of your budget, living a healthy life seems to make sense as a good financial investment. The more you are able to save on your budget, the more aggressive you can become in looking for ways to secure your finances for the future.
  • Less sick leave from work. You do not have an infinite amount of sick leaves in the office and after some time, you tend to use them up over the course of the year. If you keep a healthy lifestyle, the chance of getting sick becomes smaller and you become more productive in the office. Being healthy and less sick days also becomes a great financial investment when you think about performance reviews which can lead to pay increase or even a promotion.
  • Increased work performance. While you are at work, you mind find that you are more productive, focused and at times awake with the presentations, reports and briefings happening around you. You tend to have more energy when you are physically and mentally healthy. Again, this attitude and performance at work can lead to better opportunities in the future.
  • Less money spent on bad habits. shares that in 2012, the tobacco tax revenue was a whopping $18.2 billion. This goes to show how people are fueling this industry and this is only for tobacco. Alcohol could be a about the same amount if not higher. Imagine if you already took on a healthy lifestyle, you get to save up from spending on bad habits. There are some people who will point out that taking on a healthy lifestyle is will cost you money and that is the truth. You will pay to go to a gym or even changing your diet. But your argument is based on what comes after because bad habits only shortens your lifespan while investing on your health does the opposite.
  • A side hustle becomes a little easier to manage. Trying to take on a second job or even starting your own business during weekends is a great idea to add income to your budget and is a financial investment on its own. But what most people fail to understand is that this takes a lot out of you in terms of energy and time. A second job usually happens after your main one where you have spent all your energy on. But a healthy lifestyle can help you attend to that second gig a little better with more energy.

Here is a video on some ideas to start a healthy lifestyle:

Managing expectations with a healthy lifestyle

When you decide to take on a more healthy lifestyle, you need to understand that as much as it is one of the best decisions you will ever make, the results will not come instantaneously. If you are expecting that you will be able to take on your second job only by eating right for a few days, then you will be disappointed. Here are some things that will help you manage your expectations.

  • It will take some time. explains that about half of American consumers are able to exercise for half an hour three times a week. As you start taking a proactive approach in living a healthy life and doing exercises, you must know that it will take time to see results. Do not be disappointed when you do not see results. I will come but you have to keep at it to enjoy the benefits and see how it is a financial investment.
  • Look at the benefits. When you focus on how you might just be trading off one cost for another, you might lose heart and decide to stop. Keep your eye on the ball and remember what you are trying to achieve to help you get through some plateaus in your program.

Taking on a healthy lifestyle is a financial investment and you just need to see past the cliches and experience how health really is wealth. It will take some time but you just need to be able to manage expectations and realize your goals of a healthy lifestyle.