Common Marriage Problems And How To Deal With Them

Common Marriage Problems And How To Deal With ThemThere are a number of common marriage problems that couples need to be aware of to keep their relationship from falling off the wagon.  There are still people who believe that marriage is an easy stage in their life. These couples believe that their love for each other is more than enough to get them through anything. That may be true and it is a good start but marriage will require more than that for them to keep their marriage alive.

American Psychological Association shares that as much as 50% of married couples in the country divorce. That is a big percentage of married couples and might make marriage a little more scary for couples. This statistic alone can give any couple planning a wedding cold feet. If it is as bad as they say, why go through it?

If people always had this way of thinking, we would all still be cavemen restricted to living in fear inside caves and all joined together in a makeshift fire. However, people ventured out regardless of danger and now we are able to travel by land, sea, air, and even in space. This means that common marriage problems can be addressed and couples can still make it work.

Problems will always be part of life especially when you try to make a marriage work. You are essentially combining two of everything from character to habits and even aspirations and goals. It can be tough living alone let alone with another person. But love plays a crucial role in this bond. Armed with that, here are some of the more common marital problems you need to be aware of.

Infidelity is one of the common marriage problems

Commitment should be a given in any relationship but there are some people who can’t seem to grasp the concept of sticking to one partner. One of the main reason why you want to get married is to spend the rest of your life with that one person you love the most. Marriage is announcing to the whole world that you intend to spend your life with your spouse.

However, when you start to entertain the thought of other people and being with them romantically, that is the start of infidelity. If you begin to act on that thought, you will start to go down a road that will most likely hurt your spouse. Marriage is an everyday commitment and you need to remember that it includes staying true to your partner.

Financial problems

Money and love usually don’t mix well but when you get married, you need to make the two work hand in hand. There are a number of budgeting strategies couples use to avoid one of the most common marriage problems known to people. It is not one of the most romantic topics between two people who are in love but if you want to prolong your relationship, this is an important one to talk about.

There are a number of reasons why finances have a direct correlation with the success of a marriage. For one, you both need it to make a life together. Being in love is the most important aspect of a union but once the bill starts to come in, you have to start looking at your finances. You need to figure out how to maintain your lifestyle

One idea is to sit down and discuss your finances in detail. How much you both are making and what expenses and debt are you bringing into the relationship. This is one of those financial talks you need before getting married. However, doing it early in your union is better than not at all. Once you have those details, you can start creating a budget.

This budget will help you two allocate your income so you get to pay for your expenses, meet your debt obligations, as well as plan for the future. This tool will help you layout your financial game plan and help you both grow as a couple.

Not talking to each other

It might sound a little weird when couples mention they do not talk to each other but it happens. Even if they are not in a fight, there are couples who prefer not talking to each other and this is another one of the most common marriage problems people face. It is not that they just forget about each other, their inability to talk to each other can be caused by a number of things.

For one, you need to factor in the background of your spouse or even yours when it comes to talking and being open with the things around you. It is possible that you or your spouse is not used to talking about things. You might also have unrealistic expectations of each other thinking the other would take care of specific tasks at hand.

The simplest and most direct way to manage this problem is to talk to each other. You do not have to talk about everything at the same time. You just have to start opening up and including your spouse in the conversation. Once they talk, you need to listen in as well. Look at where they are coming from and if there is a problem, start looking for ways to solve them as a couple.

Unrealistic expectations

When you start talking about common marriage problems, expectations have a big hand to play in the matter. One of the first few things you need to do when getting involved with someone especially when marriage is looming is to manage both your expectations. This helps you gauge your relationship in a whole new level.

If you are a guy and your idea of a wife is staying at home and taking care of the house and kids, you need to make sure your wife is on board. They might have career goals that they also want to reach. If you are a woman and you expect your guy to know everything around the house, you might start to get mad when they can’t fix a broken pipe. You need to talk to each other or know each other well enough that you have an idea what each one is bringing to the marriage.

Marriage preparation

You might hear people say that they are not yet prepared to get married because of a number of reasons. They haven’t saved up enough, they are just starting out at work, or even they still have a lot of debt obligations to pay off. Bottomline is that they want everything to be perfect first before settling down. If this is your way of thinking, you might already be nearing retirement and you haven’t gotten married yet.

You can never be fully prepared for marriage. You just have to do what you can and be smart about it. If you don’t have the funds yet for a big wedding, have an intimate one with close family and friends. If getting a house is still not financially viable, look for a place to rent first. Timely payments can also help your credit score making a mortgage loan applications easier in a few year’s time.

Most common marriage problems can set you back and make you think if you are making the right decision life. However, these problems have solutions but you need to work hard for it. It may not be easy but choosing to fight for it and stay in a relationship with the person you love will be worth it.

How To Help Your Children With Money Management Skills

How To Help Your Children With Money Management SkillsMoney management is a crucial part of your overall financial success. The truth of the matter is that this is something you cannot simply read off a book. You need to actually roll up your sleeves and get down to work. It is important that you experience how it is to actually manage real money. This is one of the best ways to be better at it when tough situations come along.

The ability to manage finances is one of the best things you can ever teach your children. It becomes a valuable asset as they prepare to move out and live life on their own. Regardless if it is just for college or getting married, they will eventually move out. As you ponder having an empty nest, you also start to think about your children’s money decisions in life.

As a parent, it is not your duty to shadow them all the days of your life trying to protect them from the dangers of this world. In fact, you need to acknowledge that they will have to go through those difficult times on their own. The best thing you can do while they are still living with you is to prepare them in standing up to their own two feet.

In all these, money management would play a crucial part in deciding their financial future. It could very well be the difference between sleeping soundly at night or a knock on your door from your kids asking for gas money. It can also be the dividing line between a pristine credit score and a bad one simply because you cosigned a loan with your child.

If you are worried about how to proceed in handing down money management skills to your children, here are a few starting points to consider.

Let them put together a budget

Having a household budget is one of the main foundations of great money management skills. That being said, you can have your children start off with a few budgets of their own. You can assign a specific item to them such as the grocery, utilities, or any other part of your actual house budget. This gives them the chance to work on an actual budget.

It would also help them if you get to discuss other areas of your budget. Let them know how to set aside money not only for the needs at present but for those that will be used in the future. This can be anywhere from your emergency fund, your retirement fund, or even their college fund. Giving them these information allows them to appreciate how comprehensive a budget should be.

Get them to pitch into the budget

This would work out great if your children have a job or took on some side hustle while they stay with you. This is not new as there are almost 44 million Americans with a side hustle according to CNN. As much as you love them and want them to have a good life, you need to teach them how to manage their finances. They have to learn how to be responsible with their income and not just splurge anytime they want.

They can choose which part of the budget they want to help out or you can assign them to one. It can be food, some of the utilities at home or just a general amount that you can add to the total budget. The bottomline is that they get used to putting aside a certain portion of their income for expenses at home. This is a habit that will be most useful when they are already living all on their own.

Help them with launch money

One thing you can do while they are helping you with the household budget and taking in some money management skills is set it aside for launch money. This is to be given to them as soon as they move out and start living on their own. Whatever amount they contribute to the budget, you just put it in a savings account or in an investment.

This exercise is able to help you do two things. For one, you get them to experience how it is to manage their money every month. The other, and much more important is you help them save money they can use when they live on their own. They can use it as a starting point in building up their reserve funds in cases of emergency. This will put you at ease knowing they have access to money when push comes to shove.

Here is a video explaining some other ways to get started with an emergency fund:

Encourage a frugal lifestyle

It helps to live below your means as it affords you the luxury of having enough financial wiggle room to move funds around. You would already know this benefit and the challenge is letting your children see the value in it. This is a little more challenging as modern interpretations of having a frugal lifestyle seems to not be socially acceptable. In fact, Fox Business shares that consumer spending is less than the increase in income this May 2017.

One of the best ways to get your children to see the beauty of a frugal lifestyle is to be the perfect example of it. Show them that it is not about dumpster diving but actually being smart with the way you spend money. It involves a lot of creativity to be able to stretch your budget and you can infuse fun in it as well. You can start by learning how to prepare a weekly meal and start cooking for your family. You can even begin to explore how bulk purchasing with coupons can help you save a lot on food cost. The bottomline is to show them that a frugal lifestyle works and it can be a fun financial exercise.

Let them connect present actions to future results

Money management puts them in the thick of things as they plan for what they need at present. However, you need to condition their thinking that it is not all about their present finances. What they do now will affect their financial goals in life. It might be a little difficult for them to visualize this early on in their journey but this is where you come in to help.

You are in a perfect position to help them understand how properly managing their finances at present can help their future plans. Your house could be a great start especially if you are well on your way to paying off your mortgage loan. Explain to them how money management played a role as you saved up for the downpayment on the house. If at all possible, show them how you were able to manage your finances in a way that you were able to save. For the monthly payment, show them what you have to give up so you can meet your mortgage bill.

Open line of communication

As your children prepare to live on their own, it would be great to keep your communication line open. This helps your children tap into your wealth of financial experience. As this happens, they are able to make better and informed money decisions. On top of this, you get to stay in touch with your kids and know how they are doing.

Money management is a skill your children need to learn before they start living off on their own. As parents, you need to help them get the knowledge they need to be comfortable in managing their own finances.