Pressed For Time With Gift Buying? Here Are A Few Ideas To Consider

gift buyingGift buying is as much a part of the holidays as the Christmas trees and Christmas jumpers. The holidays are not as much fun without it. Moreso for the children who oftentimes equate the holiday with presents. They are excited to wake up on the morning of the 25th, run straight under the Christmas tree and open their presents.

This is one of the reasons why you need to improve your finances for the upcoming holidays. Expect that your expenses for the month will spike up not only for the gifts but to celebrate the holiday in general. From the home decor to the food and even to the travel to visit family and friends, you will have to deal with a bigger monthly expense.

In the midst of all of these, the gifts for your children, family, and friends should be a top priority. The problem is that with everything that you have to do, you might find yourself pressed for time in gift buying. You cannot simply put it off for tomorrow because sooner or later, it will be Christmas time already.

If you are trying to find a way to buy gifts for the people you love this holiday season but find that you are running out of time, here are a few things to look into. These tips might just be able to help you get that chore done so you can move on to the next item on your holiday to-do list.

Everything starts with a list

Regardless how pressed for time you are, you always need to come up with a list.  You might think that this is just a complete waste of time. However, this will help you in a lot of ways. Much like how your household budget helps you with your finances at home, a gift buying list will help you this holiday as well. For one, you get to have an idea what your budget would be per person. This way, you do not just go around buying whatever you like for them. You could end up with a big amount once you pay for everything.

Having a list also prevents you from forgetting to buy a gift for anyone important. The last thing you need is for the holidays to come and you are missing a gift. Coming up with a list will be a lifesaver when you start planning your family visits or when they start to knock on your door. As you buy a gift for one person, you can easily cross out their name on your list and move on to the next one.

Buy everything in one outing

Once you have your list, it is a good idea to head out and buy everything in one trip. This would require a lot of planning on where to buy all the things you need. More often than not, heading out to the mall is your best bet. This is because they usually have everything under one roof. A lot of different stores ranging from toys to clothes and even electronics.

It is a good time to either call ahead before you visit the shops. This will help you anticipate the price of the item and help you prepare your budget better. You can even canvass from multiple stores inside the mall. This will give you the chance to choose the lowest priced item. You will also save time from trying to find out which store has what you are looking for if you call ahead.

If gift buying means going to the stores, be sure to consider your comfort as well. It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes to help you visit one store after the other. Eat up as well before leaving the house. Forbes shares that going out hungry can lead to unplanned purchases. The more comfortable and full you are, the more focused you can get.

Shop online

Online Shopping And How To Stay Away From DebtGift buying is now something you can accomplish online as well. As technology redesigned everything, convenience was a welcome change to shopping. There are now a number of physical stores who have an online presence. Just as there are online shops that do not find the need for a brick and mortar shop for their consumers.

In a recent survey, Pew Research Center found out that 8 in every 10 Americans are shopping online. That is a high penetration rate for consumers. This simply goes to show that more and more people tend to gravitate to what is convenient for them. You simply log in, look for the items you want, key in your payment details and you’re done gift buying. You simply wait for the items to be delivered.

As convenient as it is, you still need to be conscious of the items you are checking-out into your online shopping cart. For one, there are a lot of marketing promos online that aims to make you spend more money. Be sure that you finish all the names on your shopping list first before you start looking for other items.

Make your gift

This is one of the best alternatives to gift buying because it will cost you way less compared to shopping for items in a store. The idea is to find out what you are good at and share your skill with family and friends. This will help you save up on gifts and you can even let them know what you do on the side to earn money.

If you love photography, you can offer to take their holiday family photos for their Christmas card. If you know how to bake cookies, why not make some for them. Just be sure to make it and give it out as soon as possible. Take note as well that people have allergies so it is best to put the ingredients on the side for their information.

Things to watch out for

Once you are in the process of buying gifts, there are a few sales promotions that would make the chore a delight. However, be on guard because you might end up spending more on your holiday shopping.

  • Buy one get one promo – This is an excellent way to buy large quantities of the same item. However, make sure that you really need them. There are times where you simply want to purchase because you get another one free. However, you really do not have any use or need for it.
  • Free delivery for a minimum purchase. One of the best things about online shopping is getting free delivery on the items you just bought. There are some shops though that requires a minimum purchase so you can get it. If you are just a few dollars short, you could be tempted to pick out any other item just to get free delivery. This would make sense if the delivery charges higher than the last add-on item. If not, then you are better off paying for delivery.

Gift buying at the last minute tends to be a stressful chore as well as an expensive one but there are ways to deal with it. Do not let it get in the way of your holiday plans so you can make lasting holiday memories for your whole family.