Christmas Shopping For The Kids Without Blowing Your Budget

Christmas Shopping For The Kids Without Blowing Your BudgetChristmas shopping is just around the corner and business establishments know that you will be out to spend money. They will put out a lot of marketing tactics to make you consider their products and hopefully buy more than what you need. You will be met with several promos such as “buy one take one” deals or even being offered a discount on the second item you will be purchasing.

These and a lot more can make you not only part with your money but spend more than usual as well. Marketing tactics such as these ones have proven to be an effective strategy for consumers out to shop for gifts. The hard part in all these is that you sometimes find out about overspending in your Christmas shopping after the fact. Online shopping is no different because there are promos as well that would make you spend a lot more than you initially planned.

You are already packing away the groceries or simply looking at the receipt when you catch that big amount for the gifts for your kids. You might even try to convince yourself that this just goes to show how much you love your children. No one is arguing that you do not love them enough. The problem is that you are trying to use money as a barometer for that love.

If you find yourself in this type of situations before the holidays and want to change your ways, here are a few things to consider. Trying to put more focus on your finances does not mean you love your children less. In fact, it is a clear sign that you value them dearly. You want to straighten up your act because you want to have a stronger financial standing for them.

Make a list before you head out on your Christmas shopping

There is a reason why a lot of people try their very best to have a list for the holiday season. For one, they know that it really gets very hectic as the holiday draws nearer. This can make things more challenging than they already are. Having a list gives them the chance to make sure that they are on track with their Christmas shopping especially for the kids. You will also start to realize that creating a list of things you need to buy will improve your finances.

This is because when it comes to your children, you would always want what is best for them. Sometimes, to a point where your finances would suffer from overspending. Having a list can help you track your spending and make sure that you are able to buy everything you need as well. You just have to make sure that you put together that budget list and follow it while you are out shopping.

You might find it easy to come up with a shopping list and even putting the dollar amount each person in that list gets including your kids. However, when you get around shopping for the actual gifts, your list might simply stay on your phone or left in your drawer. You need to have it with you and be sure to use it to stay within budget.

Shop for others

One of the ideas when doing some Christmas shopping for your children is to try and get them to think of other less fortunate people. Rather than spending the whole dollar amount just for them, try and start a tradition of buying for other people as well. Part of the budget that you allocate for your children can be used to buy gifts for other less-fortunate kids. The National Retail Federation shared that consumers are expecting to spend about $967.13 this holiday season. What if you can use a part of that to help other people in need?

For one, this will help them be more charitable towards other people. They get to be more sensitive to the needs of the people around them as well. To some extent, they might also be able to develop a better appreciation of what they have and put more thought in their actions. This is a great benefit that could come from making them think of other people during the holidays.

Family time trumps expensive gifts

How To Budget Better With Extended Family At HomeIt is normal to worry about your Christmas shopping especially when you are running a tight budget every month. But you have to pause for a while and try to remember what the season means for you and your family. Is it all about the gifts the children get at under the Christmas tree in the morning or is it about seeing family and friends?

Do you have to always get the most expensive gift for your loved one or the latest toys out there for your children? Or will a simple gift be enough for them to know that you care and that they mean the world to you? There are times that a simple gift is enough for them to feel your love. Or it can even be just a meal together where you are not rushing off to work. A couple of days together doing things that they love to do could be what the holidays are all about.

Start a gift limit rule

One idea to save money with your Christmas shopping for your children is to set a limit rule. It can be a simple 3 gift rule where they get to have one gift that they want, one that they need, and the third can probably be a book. You can make this into a 2 gift rule or even stretch it out to 5. The beauty of it is that you can base the number of gifts according to your budget.

If you have the budget, you can spend money on gadgets or even a trip with the kids The important thing is to stick to your budget. Letting your kids know ahead of time also makes them think long and hard about what gift they really want. Also, remember that if it is your first time and you are starting this tradition, it is easier to adjust up with the number of gift limit than down. This means that it is best to start with a small limit then move your way up as your finances improve over the years.

Plan the gifts early

The earlier you plan with the holiday shopping for your children’s gifts, the better you can prepare. For one, you have time to canvass and look for a store that sells one particular item at the lower rate. You also have time to actually shop before the holiday rush runs you over and leave you with so little time for everything you need to be done. More than being able to save on the prices of the gifts, you also get to tick off some items on your holiday to-do list.

Christmas shopping for your children’s gifts is here and there are ways to get through it without blowing your budget. Remember that you want to end the year strong and be able to stay away from debt. This will allow you to start the new year on a great financial footing.