5 Reasons Why You Should Not Work From Home

work from homeA lot of people are starting to warm up to the idea of a work from home set-up because they have read about or heard the benefits it can give them. If you are tempted to try it out, it would be best to have a clear understanding of what it is all about. This will help you make the decision if you should make the jump from a corporate life to one where you can work from the comfort of your home.

For any decision you make in life especially big ones that will have a direct impact on your finances, you need to think things through. It is important to manage your expectations as you go into it a new chapter in your life. As this will directly impact the way you live, you need to study and understand this option you have.

It is much like going into a new diet when you are trying to lose some weight. There is no doubt that your health is an investment. It is not advisable to simply go ahead and try the first diet option you see or hear about. You need to look at what your food intake will be and how it works around your lifestyle. You might need a lot of energy in the day and if the diet does not provide that, you will only crash and burn and might even add on more pounds in the end.

The ability to work from home has a lot to do with how technology has moved forward in the past. Communication has improved by leaps and bounds. Apart from being cost-efficient, there are a number of platforms and tools which you can use to make your job at home a lot easier. It can be from tracking your projects or even keeping a whole team in the loop. If you are still trying to decide whether this is for you, here are a few things to look into.

You work best when there are people around you

One of the challenges you might encounter when you start work from home is that you would drastically cut off time with other people. When you work in an office, you have people all around you at all times. From the moment you get into the office up until you clock out after office, you will have constant companion.

These people can be your teammates, your boss, and all the people from your department. You may also constantly meet new people from clients to suppliers and even from some industry associations. Once you start working from home, the number of people you meet and personally interact on a daily basis will go down significantly.

This will become a problem when you work better when you are around people. There are a few reasons for this. One is that you can be motivated by the hard work of co-workers around you. You can also be moved by the talents of people all around you. It pushes you to do your best and if you are all alone at home, it can start to be a problem.

Distractions are a chink in your armor

When you work from home, you will be facing a lot of temptations from the start. The biggest of which is the unsupervised time you will have once you start working from your house. Once you are in front of your computer, there is nothing stopping you from opening your social media networks or even shopping sites. There will be no office IT person flagging and blocking access to websites and you can visit any of them.

If you cannot help yourself, you will not notice that the better half of the day is already gone and you haven’t accomplished anything. You might not be able to do anything and be unproductive until you learn to control yourself. If you start working from home, you have to be in control and keep your temptations in check. Once you do, you might be able to finish more and make it work.

Motivation is a challenging area

There is no question that motivation can be a big help in helping you with your job. The question is where you get it. If you have built a system where it comes from people and things around the office, you might have a hard time adjusting to a work from home scenario. If you cannot adjust, you might spiral down to a point where you will just simply give up and go back to working in an office setting.

When this happens and you want to make your decision to work at homework, you need to find some motivation at home. Some people can put pictures of their family or their goals on their table. There are some who lists down their goals and the reasons why they are working at home. If you are into fitness, you can create your own gym at home to keep you motivated.

You work too much

Working too much can also be a problem especially when you start to work from home. There is not much to stop you when you are at home and working away the hours. Though Harvard Business School shares that employee burnout is a problem for the company, if you work at home, you can suffer from it too. You will soon find yourself losing sleep, not eating on time, and alienating yourself from people in your life. Sooner or later, you could get sick or depressed.

You might earn a lot but you will soon need that when you get sick and end up in the hospital. Everything in excess is too much including work. Your body can only take so much and when you use up all your time working, you will get sick.

There is no space to work from home in your house

One of the instances, when you know it is not ideal to start working from your house, is when you do not have any space at home, to begin with. You cannot simply work off countertops or on the couch. You cannot work on your bed during the day and sleep in it at night. It is important to have a space at home where you can work.

You can clear a corner in the house and set up a table and chair for your computer. This is a good start and it helps you identify an area and connect it to work. You need that to help you get into the zone and be able to work. When you have children at home, it also helps them identify when you are working and when they play with you. It will be tough at first but with consistency, they will understand. This helps you have a peaceful spot in the house to work.

There are a lot of benefits when you start to consider a work from home setup but there are also signs when you should think twice. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you want to take advantage of working from the comforts of your home. You do not have to commute or drive to and from work every day. You get to save money on buying new clothes and you can cook and eat food at home. This is a big plus for parents as they can work and take care of their children every single day. You just have to identify some signs that tell you it might not fit your current lifestyle. If you really want to do it, you need to make changes for it to work.